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Updated: May 25

In a time where the need for repair, restore and rejuvenation has never been more inoperative, our busy lives, technological impact and ----- decline in our quality of natural wholesome foods and substance its easy to be lost in the maize of what's good for us and what we need ! that's why we at I AM NATURE love Boabab.

A true superfruit the African baobab tree known as the "Tree Of Life" with its numerous life given benefits is truly worth of its name.

Boabab is a raw Wholefood. Our 100% natural, organic and vegan. baobab fruit powder is rich in vitamin C, it contains 5X more vitamin C than an orange

the body doesn't make or store vitamin C and is essential for a healthy immune system, encouraging the production of white blood cells that fight disease. when vitamin C is low in the body the immune system will never be at its full capacity. its rich source of prebiotic fibre. supporting beneficial probiotic bacteria for the gu. and there's and old wives proverb that all disease starts in the gut. you are what you eat! The Hadza Tribe in Tanzania have a very high baobab intake boiling the fruit into a milky drink has been taken daily for thousands of years and they have been reported to have the best gut health in the world.

Boabab aides skin health, energy release and immune function and lots of other benefits for health and wellbeing make it truly an essential for any pantry or health shelf in the home. Its citrus flavour has a sherbet like kick making it great for multiple uses RECIPES from smoothies to cakes. so enjoy while you do something good for your body.

The I AM NATURE team where fortunate enough to travel to Africa to see and learn about this marvellous superfruit from the local first hand, this amazing tree can live up to 5000 years, the trees can be so big that people can live inside the trunks use as a place of business and it stores water and can be a natural tap for dry season, the scale and majesty of these amazing trees is truly a sight to behold.

one of natures many gifts for us to use, respect and maintain. A beautiful balance of health, reminding us that nature knows best. I AM NATURE

Love and Gratitude x

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